2 Front Teeth

Mia's 2 front teeth have been loose for a while, but since I don't like blood and falling out teeth I hadn't really been paying attention to them. Thursday night Owen and Mia were wrestling in the living room burning off some energy and all of a sudden I hear... "oh my... oh dear". Then Mia comes running in to the kitchen and then running back into the living room.  Then I hear "ohhhh no.... I think I need to go to the dentist". That's when I notice her mouth is full of blood. In their wresting match Owen managed to knock those teeth out. Mia was very upset for a few minutes thinking she wouldn't be able to eat "forever". We had to do a search of the living room to find them. By the time she went to bed she was happy to have them out and Owen was trying to figure out how to get his teeth out!!

Calling Grandma to tell her about the teeth.

Seems like just yesterday we worked SO hard to get those in!

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