Old T-Shirt Inspiration

Do you have any old T-shirts in your drawer?  I know I do.  I'm getting ready for a garage sale and have dug lots of unworn shirts out of the archives.  Lately I've been loving Pinterest, here are three t-shirt ideas I've found and have pinned waiting for me.  Maybe these will be your weekend craft inspiration!

Gorgeous Rosette pillow

How about turning your old shirt into a scarf?

Check out this amazing t-shirt transformation...Wow!
You can read the tutorial here 

Have a great weekend everyone!


Guest Post Today

We are guest posting at Kammy's Korner today!
Thanks Kam for having us!  Visit Kammy to check out her Kreations :)


Home Family Blessing...

This is a very popular saying these days... you can find it to purchase mostly in vinyl wall words. I can't remember who we designed this print for originally but we've given it an updated modern look. Praying you have many blessings today~


Where we've been....

Last week was our annual trip to Yogi Bear's campground in Bagley Wisconsin.  It was Mia and Owen's dream vacation!  Swimming, biking, friends, campfires.... they had a great time and didn't ever want to leave.  Me on the other hand.......  I have never slept so little, had so many mosquito bites, sweat so much in my life!  Temperatures were above 95 degrees with lots of humidity.  The minute we walked out of our camper door we were dripping with sweat.  I must have had a sign "eat me" on my back because at least 86 mosquitoes bit me and I'm still itching my legs off.  Camping with a 7 week old baby isn't conducive to sleep either or maybe it was the trains every half hour and thunder and lightening whatever the case, home never looked so good!  See you next year Yogi!


My Home Print

Thank you for all the comments about the My Home print.  I've decided to provide it to my followers as a link they can download and take to their local printer or lab to have printed for one week.  OR I've done the printing for you and it is available in my Etsy Shop as a print you can purchase.  The size is 11x14.

Please remember this download is for followers only (only takes a second to become one).  We would also appreciate a comment letting us know where you will hang your print.  Thank you!

The week for downloading free prints has expired....
This print is available in my Etsy shop!

My new and improved light fixture!

3 days after I was home from the hospital with Dylan, Owen and I took a trip to Elkader for a hair cut and to hit a few garage sales.  I only allowed myself to go to 4 and it was torture to drive past all the rest.  I think Joe's exact words when he saw this fixture sitting in the garage taking up precious space were "what are you going to do with THAT treasure?"  Well with company coming for the 4th it was my inspiration to get some of these projects done and get my "treasures" out of Joe's garage!!

Here is my new and improved light fixture!!




Repeat after me.....

This Christmas my sister-in-law requested I make this saying into something she could hang on her wall.  I am not sure who originally came up with it but it was going around Facebook as a status for a while.  Now with a seven week old little baby I need to dig this out of the archives and remember it.  I took a 15 minute shower this morning and when I came down M and O had transformed the living room into Yogi Bear's campground.  The whole shelf of books had been emptied to build a fire, and my entire dining room was in the living room.  Ahh oh well.  We'll clean that mess later....

This print is available in my Etsy shop!


Dylan's Room {Part 1}

Before we knew Dylan was on the way my awesome sister Rebekah had started a guest room re-do at our house.  After we found out we were expecting another baby we switched gears and made it into a nursery. After 2 barfy babies this chair had seen better days.  With help from my mom we re-covered it... and it is better than ever!

{I'd still rather not be seeing it at 2:00 in the morning though.... }

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