Air Show

This past weekend we travelled to Waterloo, Iowa to see the Thunder in the Valley Airshow.  We had never been to an airshow and didn't know what to expect.  When we arrived there were long lines and thousands of people.  We found a grassy spot near the runway and set our chairs down.  Soon the show started and the first event was the black daggers that jumped from an airplane and landed on a target on the ground.  The skill and precision was amazing.  The airshow continued with stunt flying and jumping.  It was a great day to be an American.  Everything was very patriotic and well done.  The Thunderbirds flew last.  It was awesome to see the precision they fly with.  They are 24 inches apart and are flying at speeds of over 1000 miles an hour!  My kids are still talking about it and daily watch this YouTube video of the entire Thunderbird performance.  If you get a chance to go to the show next year I'd recommend it!


My boys...

Does it look like there is mischief brimming out of those eyes or what?? :)

Welcome to my shirt-less, shoe-less, dirty little boy.  Lately because of the electrical work being done around here, the house looks like it's been teepeed in red white and blue electrical tape.  I wonder what tricks his baby brother is picking up on?  Looks like he's taking note!

Since it's Wednesday, there is a new print available over on my Design with Life blog... go take a look :)


Dylan's Room {Part 2}

Last week my to-do list included finishing Dylan's room.  While I didn't accomplish it totally we did make progress!  I had been thinking of the space above the changing table.  And when I saw this sign on The Corner House blog I knew what I wanted to do....

First we started with a 24x36 - $7.48 clearance canvas from Target and covered it with a couple layers of burlap fabric.  Enough so that the green and blue print did not show through.   {I failed to take pictures of every step.}

Next, I designed the words {you are loved} in a word processing program on my computer.  I made my document 24x36 so I would have an accurate idea of the size of words needed.  I then tiled the words on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and printed them.

Once they were printed I took an exact-o knife and cut out the letters.  This was the most time consuming part of the project.  Using a pre-made stencil would be easier, but I couldn't find the size and font I wanted.

After all the letters were cut, we took our burlap covered canvas into the garage and laid the stencil on, covering the edges with newspaper.  We taped it down lightly and taped the centers of the letters into place.

The next step was to lightly spray the letters.....  and repeat.

It didn't take long for the letters to dry since the burlap soaked in most of the paint.

Here it is hanging in Dylan's room!

Since this project was so easy we made one for the kitchen as well....


Count the Waves {Printable}

With summer and beaches on my mind I've come up with a summery printable to share with you.  Two summers ago we were in South Carolina and I added this saying to a photo which hangs in my office.  The only problem is that our youngest isn't in that photo... so today I made it into a cute graphical saying you can easily print and stick in any 5x7 frame you have laying around!  Please see my ETSY store to purchase the pdf.


Zucchini Pizza

Good morning!  It looks like a beautiful day here...  finally temperatures that we can actually go outside without dripping sweat the minute we walk out the door!

We were away last weekend and while we were gone these monsters invaded my garden....
I was just telling my husband that I didn't think I'd get sick of eating zucchini....  after picking zucchini after zucchini, I think I'm changing my mind.  BUT with a little creativity maybe we can manage it :)  Here is our latest zucchini recipe.  Even my kids will eat this one and ask for seconds!

Zucchini Pizza!

We've tried these pizza's with pepperoni, italian sausage, ham and green peppers and mushrooms.  So far my favorite is the pepperoni.  What toppings have you tried?

I found these adorable printable recipe cards over on The Small Object Steno Pad's blog!  Thank you!

Have a great weekend!
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