Dylan's Room {Part 3}

I really know how to drag out a room re-do/reveal!!  Yesterday the guys finished combining for the year *hallelujah song plays here* so maybe sanity can return to our lives.  Oh wait... was it ever here?
Here is the ceiling fan that used to occupy "Joe's old room" aka "the mouse room"...

She's a beauty!!  I don't think I ever remember this thing with a globe... this is how it hung in the bedroom for the first 8 years of my married life.  

Then the day came that my sister and I decided to paint it!  What do we have to lose?  If it doesn't work we'll just get a more attractive light fixture for the room.  We raided the basement for some spray paint and set to work.  We took it apart labeling which screw came from which part of the fan and stuck them into a styrofoam plate to easily spray paint the tops.  After searching high and low around the house I couldn't find anything that would work for a globe.  I found this one at Menards for $7.  Not too bad for $7 and a can of spray paint....!



  1. Beautiful! And do you think if we were able to hang out more your photography skills would rub off on me?

  2. This fixture turned out beautiful!!

  3. Gorgeous! Any concerns getting paint inside the part that goes "whirrr"? (I'm super technical).

  4. What kind of silver spray paint did you use?


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