Ahh the sound of the corn dryer.... Yes, this is the first time I've ever heard it running in the middle of February. What a mixed up year it's been! Since it feels like fall around here, with the lady bugs crawling around, and the mice (in the hog barns) waking up, I guess we'll be having 2 of them this year...



Saturday we packed up the kids and headed west. We went to visit Joe's brother Sam and the family. We had a lot of fun turning their house upside down for the day. 7 kids in a small 2 bedroom house does tend to get a bit wild, but the kids had a great time, and it helped ease their cabin fever. Mia and Owen would never stay home if it was up to them, they like action!
Mia was trying to "scare" baby Claire
What is it with kids and Bugles? They are crazy about them! Darren built a tower.

The day was warm and sunny here's biker Mia
Swingin in the Snow

Our beautiful princesses we came home to after the adults went to Olive Garden. I'm not sure what all went on while we were gone :)

Coffee Shop

Sunday afternoon, when I headed up town to fill up with gas and stop at the Coffee Shop I really didn't expect to find an answer to my mouse problem.....

But lo and behold I have found the answer.....

So if you want the perfect pet, mice are what you need to get.... RIGHT??

I never realized the "perfect pet" was here all along.... I bought this book for Mia and Owen, I'm still trying to convince myself the truths of it.


They're back.....

Tonight after work, Joe and I met my parents in Manchester to exchange vans, kids, and stuff, and some more stuff.... it wouldn't have been so bad but after 3 weeks and no grocery shopping and a hungry family, some serious groceries were needed. It's funny how after just 2 1/2 days without Mia and Owen in the house you can forget how lively, mischievous, loveable and inquisitive they can be. I love seeing the world through their eyes, I love the energy they bring. If only we could save a little of it in a bottle for when they are our age and the energy has disappeared....


Jumpin' Janes

Saturday night we decided to get out of the house and try out Jumpin' Janes in Dubuque. All 5 of us piled in auntie Becka's new "Land Rover" and headed out. After we ate hangaburs at Red Robin we got to the "jumping place". Our whole family including Auntie Becka were admitted for $4.28! A pretty cheap place to go. It was a large room filled with blow up slides and inflatable jumpers.

The minute Mia and Owen got in they were off which is unusual for Mia. Her usual response is to watch the action. Not this time. She gave us all a workout.

Owen loved the little tykes slide, the ski-ball machine balls, the fire engine, and the guns, he wasn't into the slides and bouncers like Mia. They are still wondering when we're going back.


The Princess and the Princess

Mia and Owen love to play dress up these days. Owen is quite often found playing trains with his garb on. I think for his birthday we'll have to get him some "boy" dress up clothes, but for now, he's perfectly happy in his heels and cowboy hat.



I love these "up-cycled" notepads.
They are sure to get some comments when you use them.
And we are reusing something that otherwise would be in the garbage or in the red recycling truck down the road!

One of our "followers"... randomly selected by Mia and Owen will receive an up-cycled notepad!! The catch is you have to be a follower of our blog (in the list) so we can pick you....

We will be picking a lucky winner March 6th.


Working and Valentines

This morning I decided to try something new....

Taking Mia and Owen to work WITH me. It went fine for the first 10 seconds. No, it was probably the length of Little Einsteins. OR until the snacks ran out. Owen ran a few copies of the blank copy machine, tried out the water cooler, he also explored the outdoors a little until we found him, made a few friends with customers, shared his slobbery Skittles with Connie, and a few other Acts of Owenism. I made a call up to the Daycare to see if I could send him up but you need doctor forms, paperwork, and have to let them know a week in advance. SO I came home. Mia did make this beautiful valentine for you all while we were there, so I guess something was accomplished!


Another Monday...

Monday's are rough!
I can just hear the cry.... that little tongue is rolling,
oh the things you miss when they are gone...



It would be so nice to be back here...

Or here...
But I'd even take here...

I love...

I love designing blog headers.

That is all.

Well, that's not all but you know what I mean :)


Christmas Tradition

Every year since our girls have been born we try and line them up for a Christmas dress photo. Some years one is missing but we line up whoever is around and snap their picture. It's a tradition I hope we continue. Looking back I realize how fast the years have gone... and how BIG MiMi and her friends are getting!!

I am thankful for the friends Mia and Owen have, and hope they have many more fun times together!

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