Birdhouse Making

A few months ago Owen painted his birdhouse in 4H (or Forage as he calls it). He wanted to fill it with seeds and hang it in the tree. The only problem was that a 5 foot drift of snow was around this tree until just a few weeks ago. Mia got her birdhouse in her Easter basket, and spent an afternoon painting it. Dylan, not wanting to be left out, had to have a birdhouse as well. Anyone know any tricks to getting birds to actually go in them? I'm sure curious little noses and hands investigating the houses daily doesn't help.... :)


Playing Catchup

Mia and Owen love their 2 younger brothers. {A LOT} Mia especially loves to giggle at their antics. They are always asking me to tell them about when they were Dylan's age, and what did they do that was silly. Tonight I read to them some of the things I have written down on this blog. I decided I need to get back at recording the Life of the Brandt's! Mia had plenty to laugh about today..... I was upstairs getting Luke from his bed and Dylan came up and said "mommy can you give me a spanking?" I said "whattttt? what did you do?" (my mind is racing thinking of worst case scenarios) I didn't hear any screeching...I knew Luke and Dylan were with me so I felt fairly confident no major crisis was happening but immediately went to investigate. My little 2 year old farmer in the making had unloaded the bag of pretzels into his wagon and dumped them all over the couch. ~sigh~  Dylan, you are so full of it these days! I love you my little mischievous, crazy, curious, loveable little 2 year old (almost 3 year old). 

The "mess"
Beloved "Elle"

Farmer Dylan waiting for the tractor


A Brandt Family Update

I'm pretty sure you're all thinking the Brandt family fell off the face of the earth! We kind of did...we've been up to our elbows in construction, re-construction, and a new little Brandt joined our family on Thanksgiving day! 2013 was a busy year for us. So far 2014 has been much more low key. This could be due to the fact that we haven't been able to leave the house in what seems like weeks. I am not minding this since it gives me more time to snuggle this little guy.

{Luke James}

Today is snow day #7? I can't even remember anymore. At this rate we won't even have a summer break. 

{The view from my kitchen window}

Today started with this... a great way to survive another day of fighting togetherness.
{A great book by Sarah Young}
{Owen & Luke}

{Mia & Luke}

{A sneak peek of the new kitchen}

{The item on our agenda today}

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