Ugly Owls

Most of you would know I have a hard time passing a Garage Sale sign.  I can't help the creative itch I feel knowing there might be a treasure waiting inside!  Most of you would also know that hubby J has about the most opposite feelings possible.  Usually he'll point out something on the opposite side of the vehicle to attempt to distract me.  I can spot those neon signs miles away though.... nice try.

This summer at 3 separate sales I found these cute very ugly owls.  But I could see they had potential.  Hubby J thought they looked like official pieces of junk.  Owls are very popular right now in designs so I purchased them.

After a few coats of white spray paint they now reside in my office...

My Big Girl

I can't believe Mia is going to preschool already!  She started September 8th, and is having so much fun.  Friday they learned a "ca-choo" song.  She came home with a puppet blowing it's nose.  So far I've heard "circle time" mentioned the most....if she decides to tell me about her day.  The first day Mrs. Robinson gave me a run down about their day at school when I picked her up, at home I asked Mia what she did, and her response was "the teacher already told you everything we did".  :)  Since then she's been more open, I guess the first day was just too tiring and there were too many new people to watch. :)

Mia standing next to our "Evan" tree.
We are going to see how much they both grow each year.  


Owen and the Tractor

Yesterday we celebrated Darren's 3rd birthday!  At the party Owen hopped on Darren's tractor.  Last year he could barely reach the pedals, now he's tearing it up!  Owen told Ellie to "go get the combine ready" and told Noah to "go check the dryer"  you can tell he's a farm boy through and through!


Remember us?

The Brandt family had a GREAT busy crazy 2010 summer.  Mia started her preschool program Wednesday morning, and the cool crisp air makes it feel like fall.  

Technically we have a few more days of summer but: 

The combine is out, 

Sweatshirts are on (we even broke out the footie pajamas the kids have been dying all summer to wear!) 

Windows are open, 

Pumpkins are appearing, 

Hawkeyes are playing, 

The mouse traps have been set... (eek)

Ready or Not.....it's Fall on the farm....!


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