Yogi is History

What a great week we had in Wisconsin.  Mia and Owen got "roose" bands (wrist bands) to ride the pedal cars and jump on the jumping pillow.  We've been home over 24 hours and they are NOT leaving their wrists yet.  I've told them a few times that we're taking them off for meeting tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.  Mia wasn't able to nap yesterday because she "missed Yogi so much"  Joe and I both went to her room to comfort her a few times, but it was just too emotional.  Me..  well I'm loving the shower and the bug free bed.  Wednesday the temperature was in the high 90's.  We had a camper to stay in and the AC was going full blast but it was HOT.  It only rained once this week the rain went around Yogi Bear's all day, which we can be thankful for!

Some of the highlights were:
• Swimming!
• Swimming!!
• Riding bikes
• Yogi Movies with Popcorn
• Playing with friends all week
• Campfires and Smores
• Popsicles
• Sand.... Sand everywhere!

One of the ladies that works at Yogi, asked Joe and I in the pool if Mia was our daughter, we said yeeessss.....?  She said "I tried to offer Mia a push in the swings the other day and Mia's reply was No thanks, I'm just going to Chill...."

I thought maybe the Yogi addiction would have eased a bit after spending a week there, but M&O are already asking multiple times a day when can we go back??.... is it time to go back yet??

I think we'll have to start a new countdown....  but for now I'm just going to enjoy civilization again!

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