The rules are changing...

The Brandt family is giving away these inspirational art prints!

Here are our REVISED rules:
• Because I am turning 30 in less than 6 days each new follower up to 30 receives a free print of their choice.  

• One randomly selected follower who's been there through the thick and thin will receive a print.

• Any of our followers who link to this post and spread the word will also receive the print of their choice!  Leave a comment for us so we can give you credit.

• Please do not copy.  These are the Brandt Family's original art.


  1. Ok Heather, I do want to say that I am too far away, too much $$ to send it here. BUT they are WAY cute:) I want you to know I read your blog faithfully and support you:) So I did share your give away on my facebook! Happy 30th in a few days, I am still 29, (ya know for a few years now)so I have NO idea what 30 feels like:):) Your texts ARE really great!!

  2. okay so how do i link to this post? since you happen to be able to break in to my blog, could you do that for me or does it then not count? haha. I want some artwork for Ty's bedroom!!! I need in this drawing!! :)


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