Tractors and Babies

Mia and Owen are extremely curious about our baby on the way.  We've had many questions to try and answer.  Mia wants to know how the baby slept last night, and when she can see baby "B".  They've also given us some great name ideas like Meatball and Chicken Nugget.  We're not sure baby "B" would appreciate their name choices though, but we'll give them some careful consideration! :)  The other night Mia wanted to know when she would get to have a baby in HER tummy.  We said when you get older.  Owen pipped up that HE wants a baby in his tummy too.  Mia proceeded to instruct him that only girls got babies in their tummies.  After a few minutes of thinking he said "I know!  Boys get TRACTORS in their tummies!!"  Such a typical answer from my little farm boy!  This morning Mia and Owen wanted to "smell" the baby.....  Mia thought he smelled good and Owen thought he smelled bad....  You never know what they are going to come up with next....

1 comment:

  1. LOL. Your kids are so cute! Aiyana is convinced that both she and Daddy have babies in their tummies too. :D


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