Butterfinger Bites

What does left over candy corn, peanut butter, and chocolate make?  Butterfinger Bites.  

I had this recipe pinned on my board on Pinterest, and decided to try it out.  
Melted candy corn??? Really?  

Here's what you do.

Melt 1 lb of Candy Corn
Add 2 cups of Peanut Butter 

While these were warm I rolled them into balls.  I thought I'd let them chill in the refrigerator and stick popsicle sticks into them to make Butterfinger pops.  After about an hour I pulled them out and found they were too hard.  When I tried putting the stick in they cracked in half.  So I melted 4 squares of chocolate almond bark and 3/4 cup of semi sweet chips and dipped them to coat them.

These are delicious and taste almost identical to Butterfinger candy bars!

I think next time I will stick the popsicle sticks in while they are warm for a fun treat.

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