How to make rolled cookies -by Mia and Owen

Mia will demonstrate first:

Carefully pick up each ball of dough and roll it in the sugar.

Be careful as you roll not to get too much of that messy sugar on your fingers.
Take a bite to sample every once in a while...
Owen will demonstrate second:

Pour entire bowl of sugar onto the table to prepare.

What's left of the sugar in the bowl, pour onto first dough ball.
Roll each ball of dough in sugar, smooshing as you go.
Experiment with making a dough snowman....
Make sure to get the dough under your nails and between each finger.
Sample and smell the dough
Continue to sample until dough is taken from you.....

Cookie anyone??


  1. Haha, that was the best! Sounded exactly like you talking, too. :)


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