Their new perch

A few months ago we got a new couch after our previous one went up to George and Jeans for their surprise remodel. After no success in getting the couch in the normal way through the doorway, we removed a window and brought it in through that.

The new couch combined with the window ledge has become Mia and Owen's new car, plane, boat, snowmobile and anything else they need to get somewhere in. Usually they tell me they are going "too fast" I can't take their picture. Luckily I was able to take the next few when they slowed down a little bit. Their most favorite place to go is to the beach. What will they dream up next??
Driver Mia and her passenger Owen

Notice "Josie" (Owen's baby) stuffed in the Cobbler Bench box. I guess it was her carseat.

He can't look, they're going too fast...


  1. So cute! That 2nd pic makes them look so grown up.

  2. oh and I like how Mia is always the one 'driving' ...so funny!

  3. Yes, Mia is the designated driver :)


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