Auction Finds...What should I do?

Thursday night I recruited 2 junking friends and we headed west to West Union. Skretta Auction was conducting a sale, and there were some treasures waiting for us! I scored a gigantic 1927 map of the United States. I haven't decided what to do with it yet.  That's where I need your help!  Here are a few photos of our loot.

 Wooden Pop crates, Metal basket, Old frames

 Vintage Navy airplane which I think is going into a nursery!

Here is my 1927 map. I was told at the sale that it came out of a school in Postville, Iowa.

Should I hang it on the wall as is? 

(I can't find the original source to this, if you know it, please let me know!)

Or use it to decopauge a dresser? 

Or cut it up and frame it?  

What would you do?


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  2. That is a cool Navy plane!!! Whose nursery is it going into? :) Also a cool map.... but I'm afraid that you & Rebekah got all the creative blood, I don't have any ideas yet!

  3. you're back!!! MAN how I wish I could go junking with you. sniffle sniffle. I'm in love with your fan. And SO MAD at myself because last summer I passed up a turquoise vintage one like that for $7 cuz I thought it was a little high - DUHHHHHH! I went back and it was gone of course. I like the map cut up and framed! But all the ideas are coolllllllll.


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