Saturday we packed up the kids and headed west. We went to visit Joe's brother Sam and the family. We had a lot of fun turning their house upside down for the day. 7 kids in a small 2 bedroom house does tend to get a bit wild, but the kids had a great time, and it helped ease their cabin fever. Mia and Owen would never stay home if it was up to them, they like action!
Mia was trying to "scare" baby Claire
What is it with kids and Bugles? They are crazy about them! Darren built a tower.

The day was warm and sunny here's biker Mia
Swingin in the Snow

Our beautiful princesses we came home to after the adults went to Olive Garden. I'm not sure what all went on while we were gone :)


  1. Sooo cute! It kinda looks like Mia has some makeup on too!

  2. She did! :) She wanted me to look at her "pretty pink eyes" on the way home. SO funny!


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