Jumpin' Janes

Saturday night we decided to get out of the house and try out Jumpin' Janes in Dubuque. All 5 of us piled in auntie Becka's new "Land Rover" and headed out. After we ate hangaburs at Red Robin we got to the "jumping place". Our whole family including Auntie Becka were admitted for $4.28! A pretty cheap place to go. It was a large room filled with blow up slides and inflatable jumpers.

The minute Mia and Owen got in they were off which is unusual for Mia. Her usual response is to watch the action. Not this time. She gave us all a workout.

Owen loved the little tykes slide, the ski-ball machine balls, the fire engine, and the guns, he wasn't into the slides and bouncers like Mia. They are still wondering when we're going back.

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