Black Bean Brownies

I hesitated to put this recipe on my blog, mainly because of the friends and family we have over for dinner that would shiver at the thought of these, and wonder what weird ingredient I'm hiding in their food. Honestly, I've tried these brownies hot, warm, room temp, frozen and standing on my head (not really) and can not detect the taste of the black beans.  I am not picky though, so maybe I should not be the one to judge.  Aside from the texture, I can not tell a difference.  Plus they are healthy!  So here you go.....

The long list of ingredients.....
I opened the black beans, drained and rinsed, then poured them back into the can and filled it with water.  I think that helps to get some of the not so tasty stuff off the beans.

Next I put the contents of the can into the food processor, blended until smooth, and mixed with the dry brownie mix.  No eggs, or oil.  Pour into your pan like normal and bake as directed on the box.  

Try them sometime, and you can be the judge! 

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  1. One word of advice, make sure you don't have seasoned black beans. I tried this and didn't realize they were seasoned until after they were made and something didn't taste just right. I looked on the can and saw there was onion, garlic and a few other seasonings. Mia, Owen and George were still eating them.


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