Our week in photos

Last Friday we started the day with a visit from Jill, Claire, Jana, Kaci and Seth. First we had to figure out who Claire was and why Ellie and Darren weren't there! We had lots of fun playing outside!

After our nap we left for Cedar Falls.
Here I am eating my Donald's ice cream.

Saturday, we went to Stout Bible conference.  Mommy didn't have any photos of me because I didn't stay in one place for more than 30 seconds.  Sitting all day?  Who does that?

After 2 days without my nap this is what the car ride home looked like:

Monday Mia and I were exhausted!  We drove a couple places in our "car".  It was a good trip.

Monday the UPS man brought us these new jammies from Auntie Becka!

Tuesday, we played outside!  This is a picture of the building daddy is going to knock down.  I can't wait to see the DIGGER!

Tuesday we went to Grandma's house for popcorn after meeting.  We got to talk to Mr. Smith.  I thought his name was Mr. Smell though.  We told him lots of stories about how the piggies REEK!

Wednesday mommy decided to brave a trip to Prairie with us by herself.  First we went to Fort Fun, to play!

Then we got a hamburger from Donalds and went to Walmart and Piggly Piggly.  I picked out the chocolate milk.

Thursday we picked daffodils after mommy got home from work!

And Friday, they were finally working on the road by our house.  We saw a GRADER! and a DUMP TRUCK!  It will be SO FUN to watch all summer!

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