Moving Day!

Great Grammie and Grampie Rockey decided to "move their house"  we weren't sure how that was going to happen but we were going to be there to help!  Mommy said it was going to be over by the pond!  That got us thinking about swimming, actually we've never stopped thinking about it!

Monday night before the big move we went to the beach in Grammie's living room!
We filled our buckets with "sand" legos

Then Tuesday morning we took care of Great Grammie!
First we showed her how to do puzzles....

Then we made her some brownies for lunch...
These weren't the kind with those black beans mommy hides in them sometimes.

After Great Grammie's nap we read some books!

After our yummy supper we went to look at Great Grammie and 
Great Grampie's new house on the pond!  This is their living room.

The kitchen...

From the living room looking into the bedroom.  
We bounced on their bed, just to make sure the movers had it put together right.

Bathroom #1


Great Grammie's clothes and Great Grampie's books, 
we couldn't find any Thomas or Dora books up there though??

Great Grampie told us this was the ninth place they have lived...
This sign was right near the big red one that Owen was messing with, 
I think it said "FIRE alarm" or something!

The window on the left is Great Grampie's office

This is us with Grammie at the pond!!

It was sure fun helping Great Grammie and Grampie move!

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