Firetrucks and Beds

So excited!!

Friday, Rebekah, Auntie Lois and I snuck out of the house and went over to Hudson for their city-wide garage sales.  It was a windy cloudy cold day.  There's nothing a little Starbucks To-go can't help though!  Near the end of the sales we came upon a garage filled with little boy's toys....  Little People diggers, Thomas puzzles, Thomas bike helmets and a FIRE TRUCK BED!  With Owen learning how to use the big boy potty I figured it was about time to put him in a youth bed, where if he needed to get out he could.  Plus hoisting his 40+ pounds up over the crib was getting old.  So we purchased it!  Once we got home, Owen and Mia could not wait to get it all set up and proceeded to get their "driver" (steering wheel) and go to the beach.  Owen has been doing really well staying in it and actually sleeping.

This is their firetruck loaded "with us junk" Owen said.  Mia said "Owen it's not junk it's our stuff"  this vehicle was heading to the beach and then Jana's house!

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  1. What a cute little bed!!! That makes sleeping so much more fun!!!


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