Mother's Day Weekend

Our weekend included:
Record low temps
Auntie Loie
Firetruck beds
Goldfish on the dinner table
Garage Sales
Lincoln School Park
Mother's Day flowers and food
30th birthday party
Great Grammie's Pond!

Friday mommy took us to Waterloo airport to welcome Auntie Loie to Iowa.  We saw BIG airplanes and BIG tractors in the display case!

Mommy and Daddy went over to Daddy's cousin Jay's surprise 30th birthday party!  We stayed at Grammie's house and sang for them on our new microphone.

Saturday morning I went potty like a big boy and Auntie Loie gave me this awesome new chain saw!  I can cut all kinds of things now!

Sunday Mia and I gave Mommy our cards we "drew"

Auntie Becka made this awesome dinner for everyone.  There were even real live fish in the middle of the table!  

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