Air Show

This past weekend we travelled to Waterloo, Iowa to see the Thunder in the Valley Airshow.  We had never been to an airshow and didn't know what to expect.  When we arrived there were long lines and thousands of people.  We found a grassy spot near the runway and set our chairs down.  Soon the show started and the first event was the black daggers that jumped from an airplane and landed on a target on the ground.  The skill and precision was amazing.  The airshow continued with stunt flying and jumping.  It was a great day to be an American.  Everything was very patriotic and well done.  The Thunderbirds flew last.  It was awesome to see the precision they fly with.  They are 24 inches apart and are flying at speeds of over 1000 miles an hour!  My kids are still talking about it and daily watch this YouTube video of the entire Thunderbird performance.  If you get a chance to go to the show next year I'd recommend it!

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