Dylan's Room {Part 2}

Last week my to-do list included finishing Dylan's room.  While I didn't accomplish it totally we did make progress!  I had been thinking of the space above the changing table.  And when I saw this sign on The Corner House blog I knew what I wanted to do....

First we started with a 24x36 - $7.48 clearance canvas from Target and covered it with a couple layers of burlap fabric.  Enough so that the green and blue print did not show through.   {I failed to take pictures of every step.}

Next, I designed the words {you are loved} in a word processing program on my computer.  I made my document 24x36 so I would have an accurate idea of the size of words needed.  I then tiled the words on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and printed them.

Once they were printed I took an exact-o knife and cut out the letters.  This was the most time consuming part of the project.  Using a pre-made stencil would be easier, but I couldn't find the size and font I wanted.

After all the letters were cut, we took our burlap covered canvas into the garage and laid the stencil on, covering the edges with newspaper.  We taped it down lightly and taped the centers of the letters into place.

The next step was to lightly spray the letters.....  and repeat.

It didn't take long for the letters to dry since the burlap soaked in most of the paint.

Here it is hanging in Dylan's room!

Since this project was so easy we made one for the kitchen as well....


  1. That is seriously fantabulous. seriously. fantabulous.

  2. oh, and HOW ON EARTH do you cut such perfect letters with an exact-o knife???? I can't do that for the life of me.


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