Astronaut Owen's Birthday Wrap-up

Owen received an astronaut suit for Christmas last year, and has worn it almost every day since!!  I've even caught him in the sandbox with the astronaut suit on. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday a few months prior.  It was a BIG decision... he had a hard time getting off farming themes.  Mia suggested a "monster truck pulling a wagon birthday" I was quick to discourage that one. The Party 101 store doesn't have many options for that! Finally he came to the decision to have a space birthday. It was a fun and easy theme.  My dad even built a super-sweet rocket for him to blast off in.  Here are some highlights of the party:

Astronaut Owen and Mission Specialist Darren

Getting ready for Launch

Rocket Cake

The Super-sweet Rocket from Grampie

Rocket Power!!  

Moon Cookies.  (Oreo's dipped in blue tinted Almond Bark)

These cookies are so easy a recipe isn't really needed!  I took Almond bark and added food coloring until it looked "moonish"  then stuck a popsicle stick in the oreo and dipped it in the Almond bark.  I used the end of one of the sticks to add "craters" to the cookies.  I let them harden and stuck them in the freezer until the birthday!

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