My new and improved light fixture!

3 days after I was home from the hospital with Dylan, Owen and I took a trip to Elkader for a hair cut and to hit a few garage sales.  I only allowed myself to go to 4 and it was torture to drive past all the rest.  I think Joe's exact words when he saw this fixture sitting in the garage taking up precious space were "what are you going to do with THAT treasure?"  Well with company coming for the 4th it was my inspiration to get some of these projects done and get my "treasures" out of Joe's garage!!

Here is my new and improved light fixture!!




  1. I think you should show a picture of the whole room with it - it's GORGEOUS!!!! I luff it. :) And I got to sleep in it. :):):)

  2. Well that part of the room wasn't presentable this morning :) Save that for another post! Thanks for the compliment!

  3. I think your chandie makeover was very successful. Good spotting at the garage sale too! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. God bless x


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