Repeat after me.....

This Christmas my sister-in-law requested I make this saying into something she could hang on her wall.  I am not sure who originally came up with it but it was going around Facebook as a status for a while.  Now with a seven week old little baby I need to dig this out of the archives and remember it.  I took a 15 minute shower this morning and when I came down M and O had transformed the living room into Yogi Bear's campground.  The whole shelf of books had been emptied to build a fire, and my entire dining room was in the living room.  Ahh oh well.  We'll clean that mess later....

This print is available in my Etsy shop!


  1. Oh, Heather, this is fantastic and gets me right in the heart! I want one for sure. Enjoy your time with the kids, you are so lucky to be there with them each day!

  2. Really? I would love one! I can see this being my world pretty soon! Love the colors too (of course!)
    Janna McCalley


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