Where we've been....

Last week was our annual trip to Yogi Bear's campground in Bagley Wisconsin.  It was Mia and Owen's dream vacation!  Swimming, biking, friends, campfires.... they had a great time and didn't ever want to leave.  Me on the other hand.......  I have never slept so little, had so many mosquito bites, sweat so much in my life!  Temperatures were above 95 degrees with lots of humidity.  The minute we walked out of our camper door we were dripping with sweat.  I must have had a sign "eat me" on my back because at least 86 mosquitoes bit me and I'm still itching my legs off.  Camping with a 7 week old baby isn't conducive to sleep either or maybe it was the trains every half hour and thunder and lightening whatever the case, home never looked so good!  See you next year Yogi!

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